"Taubman Sucks!"
by Henry Charles Mishkoff

Chapter 2: We Can Work It Out

July 17, 2001
Try, Try Again

A couple of weeks later, I wrote back to Julie in another attempt to get her to tell me exactly why she was threatening to sue me.

I touted my disclaimer, which I had enhanced to reflect her own words. I emphasized that I had "absolutely no desire to violate any trademark or cybersquatting laws." I explained, once again, that my research had led me to believe that I was not actually doing anything wrong. I added that, since I wasn't an attorney, I could certainly be mistaken in my belief that I wasn't breaking the law, and I implored her once again "to let me know exactly what language in which sections of what laws you believe me to be violating." Since she was the one accusing me of being a lawbreaker, I pointed out, it was only fair for her to "provide me as much detail as you can about the exact nature of the transgressions of which I am accused."

It occurred to me that Julie might feel that I was asking her to perform free legal research for me – and in a way, I suppose that I was. However, it seemed obvious to me that it would be in her client's interest for her to spend a little time educating me about some of the fine points of trademark law – but in case she didn't see it that way, I decided to spell it out for her:

Your investment of a small amount of effort could save all of us (me, you, and your client) a great deal of time, trouble, and money.

But as it turned out, Ms. Julie A. Greenberg was not especially concerned about how much trouble she created for me. And, I was to learn, I had woefully underestimated the amount of my time and her client's money she was prepared to waste.

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